So The Lego Movie was…fantastic.


I made a song for the Track and Field Records summer tape.

You can listen to it here.

You can grab a tape here.

The cassettes won’t work in your stereos/cars in the fall/winter/spring so you should snag one soon.

Broad City, wine, lime juice, chèvre.

I finally feel like a real tumblr-er, I guess.

And hey, be good and love each other.

Nobody likes a jerk.

I put up a new song last night, I just saw The Deadly Spawn for the first time (on 35mm) and it was brilliant, it has been raining and colder lately and it is lovely.

Iroquois, you humid haunt

We saw your eyes creep towards the dawn

I want to remember what we are

Iroquois, don’t be long

We need it to freeze before the fall

I can not remember anything

Because your creeks are haunting me

Iroquois, you humid haunt

We jumped in the waves and drifted off

Will you carry us in or make us drown?

Iroquois, will you stalk?

Breathing heavily into the dark

I want to remember what we are

Before we aren’t anything at all

Don’t be callous, water’s shallow

He will take us in the pale moon.

(Source: heybobbie)

The sadness comes from nowhere.

Does Portland have a horror film club not unlike a book club and would it make me a complete loser to join or start one?

I caught Breaking Away on the television at two AM about three years ago when I was living at home. I had never seen or heard of it but it was one of those perfect moments of the right film at the right insomnia-ridden time.

I just caught it again with a full theater in Portland and it was another perfect moment with the perfect person.

This post has no point.