"In Holy Abyss" by Seismograph // Tundra Divine (Out 11.4.14 via Snowbeast Records)

Sometimes it’s just not beneficial to the extraordinary music in which you are writing about, to go on and on about personal reasons for your adoration. In the case of the sprawling and genuinely stunning, “In Holy Abyss”, from the forthcoming Seismograph album, Tundra Devine - I’ll just say that it’s a remarkable piece of work that speaks on it’s own, but if you feel inclined to take a peek behind the process, then by all means check out the album announcement written by frontman, Jonathan Ioviero, over at the Snowbeast Records page. Anyone who listened to last year’s lovely, Azure Drift, should be excited to continue hearing the progression of a truly talented artist. Highest recommendation. 


SNB007: Seismograph - Tundra Divine



Tundra Divine is an album that deals with loss and acceptance, ice and sun, isolation and clarity. I recorded it alone over 12 months, starting in my parent’s basement in Medina, NY and ending in my bedroom in Portland, OR. The initial concept was inspired equally by the death of a friend and…

I’ve known Jonathan for most of the last half of my life. He’s my best friend and it’s been amazing to watch him grow as a person and as a musician.
This album is very important to me and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Excited for The Guest and The Town That Dreaded Sundown remake actually.

@xinzaku amen.

The Stand miniseries is not very good but now I feel like I need to read a Stephen King novel tonight. I know there are hundreds of “better” authors but is it so bad to lead an existence of only reading Stephen King?

Really bummed that no one in Portland is throwing any fancy dinner parties.

If they are, they aren’t inviting me.

I’m going to finally watch The Stand miniseries this week.

It’s going to be great, right?


My roommate just walked in on me watching a gif of a sea otter playing basketball and said “I see you’re hard at work on the new album.”

Y&#8217;all knew I was an alright musician but did you know that I&#8217;m a fantastic sketch-artist??