Anonymous said: "Cemeteries is the dream pop transmitting over the truck radio of teenagers driving the dark labyrinth of outlying woods in a mountain town. It’s the requiem to a sleep walk in the dead of night, bare foot across the pinecone bed of the forest. Cemeteries explores a curiosity in darkness that poses the question, “what if it’s safer out there among the owls and coyotes?”


trackandfieldrecs said: When is your album coming out of the computer and into my ear holes?

Depends on how nice you are to me.

Anonymous said: What's the lyrics to a real gust of wind

Okay but these aren’t very good:

I feel a chill, smoky summer

Say what you will, I’m still under all of your spells

There’s a thunder coming here soon, let’s take cover

I feel a chill, smoky fire

Do what you will, I won’t bother

Is this for real?

There’s a thunder over that hill, let’s take cover

How does it feel to lose all your pieces?

How does it kill with all it’s hands tied?

How will it end?

With the lakes up over our heads?

It will take a real gust of wind to destroy us

I’ll be inside looking through our things for the last time

So many memories

Let’s go outside, this is the end




Last fall I went on tour with Teen Daze through the United States and Canada. I kept a journal that started out as me writing letters to my future self that turned into disorganized nonsense. I’ll post photos and keep all of my mistakes intact but I’ll leave out some details that are just for us…

This was a really fun part of the whole experience, now that I think back on it.  I was so stressed about the administrative aspect of the tour (I was essentially tour managing us) that it was difficult to just sit back and appreciate these times.  But now when I think back on them, it was so nice having you in town.

I was really nervous about flying out there. The only real interaction I had had with you was a few brief moments at CMJ a year before and like I said, it’s really hard for me to make friends. We were all really lucky to have a few weeks of relaxation and hanging out before we crammed ourselves in a van for two months.

I’m not sure if I ever thanked you six (you, Paulina, Dave, Andrew, Karl and Ellie) directly (and I hope my journal entries show how thankful I actually was/am) but thank-you so much for making what could’ve been a really stressful few months some of the best months/experiences of my life (with a few stressful situations that I’m sure we’ll all relive in a week or two thrown in).


I can’t believe how much my mood has gone up since autumn came to Portland.


Last fall I went on tour with Teen Daze through the United States and Canada. I kept a journal that started out as me writing letters to my future self that turned into disorganized nonsense. I’ll post photos and keep all of my mistakes intact but I’ll leave out some details that are just for us (like the time we saw a jackalope). I’ll also throw some asterisks in because I like asterisks.

9/20/2013, 12-ISH, ABBOTSFORD, BC

Look, I’m drunk* and I’ll keep it brief, maybe use bullett points:

  • Paulina’s birthday party.
  • A beautiful practice in the forier foyer of a community housing thing.


  • A walk across the border.
  • Wow I write my A’s different sometimes.
  • Simon is really nice and welcoming.
  • Jamison and I just had an amazing talk about our musical carriers and if you read this in the future: NEVER feel bored or look back with any disappointment because you’re living the life that you always wanted to be living.
  • Guacamole sandwiches.


- Kyle

9/21/2013, 11:42 PM, ABBOTSFORD, BC

It’s night two of being drunk. I don’t expect (or want) the whole tour to be like this, I see it as a reward to myself for being here and making friends which has always been really hard for me.

Jamison and I lazed around the house all day and caught up on Breaking Bad before I went to a show at a coffee shop which was kind of strange except for:

  • Andrew Khool*** really went out of his way to talk to me and make me feel less awkward about being a country away from home with nobody I really know.
  • The college aspect of this town is really interesting. Not pretentious or bro-y at all.
  • The duo that played had some beautiful guitar parts (kind of Explosions/GYBE).

I went to a Harry Potter party (?) after and met some interesting people, a film snob and very friendly man named Andrew Wong****.


Jamison, Paulina and I just talked about how hard it is to be comfortable in other people’s homes and I hope I accurately displayed the fact that they’ve been wonderful hosts and have made me feel nothing but comfortable.

- Kyle

* Oh no. I’m sorry for this and any other drunken entries.

** Transcribed as-is.

*** Koole.

**** I <3 you, Andrew.

Making my grandma a mix CD.

Since it’s almost done:

The new record is a concept. At least more than The Wilderness was. I’m not a huge fan of my previous lyrics (or songs for that matter) but I’m really excited about this one. I put a lot of myself into the lyrics even if they might seem vague or story-esque. The record actually evolved from a story I wrote years ago.

The Wilderness was my autumn record, Huntress was my spring record and this is my summer record. It’s very maritime. It’s more synth-y and less guitar-y but still very much a Cemeteries record.

It was inspired by many things but if I had to pick three they’d be John Carpenter’s The Fog, my summers spent at my grandparents cottage in Fair Haven, NY and Impersonator by Majical Cloudz.

I don’t know when it’s coming out or how. Unfortunately it probably won’t see the light of day until 2015. I rushed The Wilderness out because I didn’t know any better but I want to take my time and perfect this for you guys.

It’s nine songs. It’s almost fifty minutes and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Anonymous said: what's your favorite album to fall asleep to?

I used to sleep to Put Your Back N 2 It by Perfume Genius like every night. I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep to music once since I moved here though.

Sorry for no journal post (even though only five of you seem to be following them). I’m recording hopefully all of the vocals for the new record.