Anonymous said: Is your album done yet?


trackandfieldrecs said: Can you send me a picture of your bing bong?


It would be pretty weird but not surprising if David Duchovny was actually the cleverly disguised leader of a coven of ducks.


"Stranger (Cemeteries Remix)" by Arrange // Stranger - Single (2014 // Download via Soundcloud)

In a wonderful moment of getting your musical peanut butter in my musical chocolate, Cemeteries have crafted a ghostly remix of Arrange's excellent single, “Stranger”. It certainly doesn't hurt that I've been a big fan of both Malcom Lacey's Arrange and Kyle Reigle's Cemeteries for quite some time now, but previous loves aside, this is a gorgeous take on an already special track. Lacey's original features more pronounced guitar line, giving it more of a glimmering melancholic delivery, which highlights the emotionally potent vocals. Here, on Reigle's remix all that is pulled back, allowing for a more haunting atmosphere to stand out - a minimalist heartbeat pushing through the track as waves of shadowy ambient noise flow through giving it a darker edge that turns the raw emotional structure of the original into something resembling a house haunted by those memories that have long since bled into the walls. It's a case of two excellent artists striking the right collaborative chord, and when that happens you win with either version. Definitely spend some time here.

I remixed “Stranger” by my dude Arrange.


Cop: “Put your hands up where I can see them!”

Man: “I don’t have any hands!”

Cop: “I don’t have any eyes!”

The best joke I have ever made.

Happy Thursday from half of Cemeteries to you!

My song “Vernal Limb” was in the finale of Awkward on MTV last night. Next stop: Total Request Live with Carson Daly.

Hey, I made this song like a year ago and it’s one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done.

Portland is my home and I love it.

I’ve never felt more content and in love with my life and the people in my life than I have these last few months.

I can’t wait to finish the new Cemeteries record. It’s thematically the most satisfying thing I’ve done and I have a lot of ideas about how to release it that I really hope come to light.

I’ve been inspired by so many records, films and photography and I honestly just love waking up each and every day which is something I haven’t felt in years.

And I’m in love with you guys. Thank-you for being patient and interested in my weird little life. I can’t wait to share more with you.

I got my roll of film from our first few weeks in Portland developed.